It can be hard making decisions nowadays. It seems that our minds and hearts can be saturated with information that distinguishing the difference between reality and fantasy can be a difficult task.

What I mean, is that we can weigh the pros and cons of any given situation that decisions are usually made in murky waters.

“If I do this, then that may happen”, or “If I say this, then that person will respond this way”, or “I won’t move their because of I know how I may get along with that crowd of people”, etc.

Sometimes we just need to take time, and clear our thoughts and emotions concerning the circumstances within the decisions and seek out what is true, praise worthy, excellent and of good report.

Getting lost in desirable outcomes means getting out of touch with who you are; what makes you, how you can contribute effectively.

Take time to recognize the difference between possibilities, desires, and fantasy and who you are in the present. Only God knows what is right around the corner, so don’t be quick to make permanent decisions on temporary circumstances.



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