Fighting vs Winning

The world is filled with competition. Around every corner there is a battle being fought, rivals butting heads, businesses fighting over customers, and churches competing for souls.

Everyone at some point has competed for something; whether it was for popularity, a job well done, a raise at work, a boy or girlfriend, or even followers on social media.

Everyone knows that competing against someone or something can be stressful, and most times it can cause us to act according to a lower standard of morality and ethics in the social, business and family world. The temptation we usually encounter in these circumstances is to manipulate people and environments to favor us. Unfortunately, the down side to this, is we become dishonest and shady in the areas that we fight. It can dwindle down to a match where “anything goes”, and morality has decayed to a point where neither party is acting like sane human beings.

This is a place where, (I hope) no one finds themselves in, but it does happen.

My heart behind this post is to help us see clearer into the battle, to remove the veil that blinds us from truly accomplishing what it is we set out to do.

One key factor in these situations that can help steer us in the wise direction is


Where is our focus when we are caught in a battle?

Deciding what or who to focus on is so important when it comes to the battle.

We tend to focus on fighting our opponent, rather than winning people.

Keeping our eyes on who we are fighting causes us to lose sight quickly on what we were set out to do in the first place.

The great thing about focusing on winning people rather than fighting the competition cultivates an authentic environment where the prize is organic.

“Manipulation leads to transactions, not loyalty” according to Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

The challenge is to rise above the norm of manipulations, but rather inspire others to take action.

In business, you don’t want to fight your competitor, you want to win customers.

In Church, you aren’t fighting the devil, you are winning souls. You are serving people, and their needs.

In family, you aren’t fighting the control freak grandmother for the attention of you daughter, you are out to win your daughter.

I pray this blog helps release you from the bondage of you opponents and competition, and  help you shift your focus on what is most important.





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