Oops! I texted again

As someone who grew up with the advancment of communication through text messages, I had the privilege to witness the miscommunication it produced. It’s always frustrating when someone reads your text in a completely different way than what you intended, and vice versa. This was especially true ¬†between girls and boys, we just read things in a different color. In my younger teenage love life, I ran into this problem so often I wasn’t sure it would get better, so perhaps you can relate to this. Thankfully with the help of emojis, this has problem is somewhat solved, even though it just helps us lie easier concerning how we really feel.


Here are some examples of “what we mean” and “what they read”


Intention – “Yes, the last thing you said is completely fine with me. I have absolutely no problem with that”

What they read – “THATS JUST FINE! Lets just do what YOU want, because thats all we ever do. I mean, why would i want US to do something that I enjoy for once? That would be just selfish because it brought me some happiness, so why would WE want to do that? Lets just do what you want, I’ll be fine”

“Hold On”

Intention – “Hey, could you hold on for just a second? I’m currently doing something that only allowed me enough time to say “hold on”, but i didn’t want you to think i was ignoring you. Once i complete this task, I’ll explain what i was doing and we can talk”

What they read – “Will you give me just a SECOND? I have a life of my own you know. I have things that I like to do, and I can’t just answer your texts ALL the time. You’re not THAT special that I can just put my entire life on pause just for you”.


Intention – “Ok. I don’t really know what to say, so I’ll just say OK to let you know that I got your last text, I read it, and stored the information in my brain for future inquiries.

What they read – “OK i get it! You just don’t stop do you? You’re the most annoying person I have ever met, and you continuously waste my time with nonsense”.

“I don’t care”

Intention – “I really don’t have strong feelings for or against what you are saying, so I truly don’t mind either way. The time you want to leave for that thing or the restaurant you want to go to is good for me. Thanks for asking my opinion on it, I appreciate it but it’s up to you, as I have no preference or better suggestions”

What they read – “whatever, I don’t care. I hate you and this relationship is boring. Every time I see you, I get sad. The best time of my day is the time between you text me and when I actually see you, because you’re not there.

“Unanswered Text”

Intention – “I’m in a situation where I can’t use my phone. I’ll explain when I am in position to explain it, either by phone call or text. I am possibly driving, and today is the first day that I am going to commit to not being a distracted driver. There’s nothing to worry about.

What they read – “Listen, I can’t use my phone while I am sleeping with other people and doing drugs I told you I would never do. My conscious is so guilty right now, that if i just pretend you didn’t text me, all of it will work out, but right now theres a whole bunch of Crystal Meth calling my name.”

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