In New England, we wake up with the miserable reality that we are, indeed, still in New England. As we get in our cars and start the day, we need a certain type of fuel that will help us navigate the horrible roads and even worse drivers with clarity, confidence, and boldness.

If you are a true New Englander, one who works for a living, this is your fuel of choice.

Ahh yes. The iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. It’s never made right, and you don’t have time to fix it, because well, you’re already late. It’s an overpriced breakfast, which causes you to brake…fast…especially when your behind someone who is enjoying the back road “foliage” and “scenery”, while you’re attempting to do 60 in a 40mph zone. But I didn’t have to tell you that.

This, on the other hand.

Is garbage.

It’s a fifth grade science project gone horribly wrong, and the kid got an F on it, who was then expelled from school forever.

Throw it away immediately. Don’t even pour it on the ground, lest you destroy the natural habitat by introducing an invasive species into it and are fined, thrown in jail for life where you eventually die.

Make the right choice, the only choice, today


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