Lucky Charms Rant

As a twenty something, I am a cereal fanatic. I love cereal. It’s an all day meal for me. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, bored, whatever it is, cereal is my go to if “there’s nothing to eat”.

As I meet new people throughout life, I’ve noticed though that NO ONE eats Lucky Charms the correct way. Okay, I’ve met maybe 2 or 3, but that’s it. And let me tell you, how you eat Lucky Charms, will determine how successful you will be in life. That’s just a fact. End of story.

Eating all the “cereal” part and THEN the marshmallows afterwards is the only way to eat Lucky Charms. But be careful, those marshmallows are sneaky and they like to hide underneath you spoon, and before you know it, you ate a marshmallow before the cereal part is gone and you have to go back to bed and start your day over.
So my question is, “how do YOU eat this high fructose, magically delicious, whole grain delicacy?”


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