Be Square


This is a high precision machinist’s square. A square is a perfect 90 degree angle and its very valuable to those who work in the trade. It is used by aligning the body up to one edge of the work piece, with the blade over the surface you are checking for “squareness” (how close to 90 degrees it is). For example,


When things aren’t square, it becomes more difficult to progress in the manufacturing of a part. Depending on the “tolerance”, if a part isn’t square from the beginning, the finished product would end in DISASTER. Ask any machinist, (especially someone who’s new to it) lol.

The length of the object that is to be squared is something to pay attention to. For example, say you have a block that is 3 inches long, and it “out of square” by one degree, (89 degrees), that isn’t much of a big deal and would be hardly noticeable. However, if the block was 3 feet long, being out of square by one degree would be a significant difference at the opposite end.

Little issues over time, turn into big problems.

Have you ever noticed that? Saving a dollar every day doesn’t seem like a lot, but over 50 years you would have, well, a lot of dollars! Leaving one dish in the sink doesn’t fill it up, but leaving one in there every day for week will! Tackle problems as they arise, don’t procrastinate. Practice delayed gratification in your work and endeavors.

This is also true with your attitude and how you treat people. Sure, being annoyed at times is natural, but over time you might become very irritable towards everything. Depression is truly an undesired emotional state, but it happens. Embrace it, but don’t let it consume you. Anger, is justified in context, but how many friends will you have if you’re angry your whole life? What positive change has it brought? In life you can’t always change the frame, what the picture looks like, but you sure can change your focus, whether that means zooming in, out, panning left or right. How you respond to circumstances and how you treat people, may seem insignificant in the moment, but over time it leads to destruction. So keep those little things in check, remember weeds don’t choke a plant, weeds that grow up do.

Happy Day



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