The secret of Rhythm

The other day I was at a band practice. As we were practicing a cover song, our drummer ran into a problem. There was a specific “fill” that would lead us into the next part that he just couldn’t get. He kept listening to the same spot over and over, and I caught him saying to our band leader, “I know what to do, just not when to do it!”. I immediately exclaimed out loud, “that’s my ENTIRE life!”. So many of us are bombarded with information daily, and it can be tempting to just ram your “new information” down someone’s throat (with good intentions, I’m sure), but as the saying goes, “knowledge is knowing what to say, wisdom is knowing when to say it”. Likewise, “knowledge is knowing what to do, wisdom is knowing when to do it”. One must be careful when to introduce change in your life, especially if it significantly impacts others as well. Are you trustworthy and faithful? If people don’t see you that way, then it’s going to be hard to inspire others and take the lead. Just because you were “taught” all the right answers doesn’t mean you know how to apply them in real life. Things always work on paper. Thoughts and ideas always seem to make sense until they are said out loud. Practice your knowledge in an area by applying it without making a scene about it. Don’t try to “convince” someone of your knowledge in area, win them over by your actions.

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “The secret of Rhythm

  1. “knowledge is knowing what to do, wisdom is knowing when to do it”, doesnt this imply that wisdom is some form of knowledge? If so, how is is separate from ‘regular’ knowledge? Put another way if wisdom is just another form of knowledge why cannot it be shared that way?


    1. That is a great point, and I see where you’re coming from. The difference is wisdom has to do with a persons character/attitude, not a persons intellectual capacity of a subject. That is how I look at it, at least.


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